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About us

We aspire to be the world’s
best nutrition business.

Mataura Valley Milk sources milk from one of the finest grass-producing regions in the world – Southland, New Zealand – to produce exceptional nutrition for a growing world.


Our pasture to market supply chain produces a range of premium nutritional products destined for the world’s most discerning markets. We’re combining the best ingredients, people and technology to build the world’s best nutrition business.


We source our milk from a small group of suppliers who farm some of the most pristine pastures in New Zealand. Our milk is processed in the most up-to-date nutritional plant in the world.


Our products are used in nutritional products manufactured by well-known international brands who value our customer-centric – it’s all about Quality, Reliability and Expertise.


Every aspect reflects our aspiration not to be a dairy business, but the world’s best nutrition business.




Defines our culture, and guides us to fulfill our vision.


Whilst striving for excellence in all that we do, the quality of our products and service is a key asset and competitive advantage in building the world’s best nutrition business.


This starts beyond the farm gate with our key farming partners, through to our state of the art processing plant with fully integrated Ingredient Management Systems allowing for full traceability of all ingredients and processes.


We bring a diverse team of people to the table, each with significant expertise and experience within their fields. Their leadership, energy and enthusiasm is evident in all that we do. We always do the right thing and are straight forward with each other.


We demonstrate integrity, respect and work as a team to build mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships.


Our people make the difference and drive our success.


We strengthen our reputation as a trusted and quality driven nutrition business through our ethical approach in all that we do.


We earn the trust we give by keeping our word and doing what we say we will – with all customers, stakeholders and business partners.


We are well aware that trust is hard to gain and easily lost – so we will prove that the trust bestowed on us, is worth it.


By choosing Mataura Valley Milk, you can be assured we will be reliable, transparent and upfront to become a “trusted brand” distinguishing ourselves from the competition and earn customer loyalty.

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