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South45°Milk programme

The vision of Mataura Valley Milk is “Building the World’s Best Nutritional Business”. South45⁰Milk provides a framework to showcase great Provincial pride in producing top quality milk in the southernmost part of the World.


This will be achieved through a strong partnership between farmer shareholders, processing capability, quality, and sales teams to meet the needs of the customer.


The aim of the South45⁰Milk Programme is to ensure our supplying farmers are driving continual improvement, sustainability of their farming system and excellence in all aspects of their farming business.


This ensures our consumers can be confident our nutritional products are produced from world-class quality milk sourced from farms in the most Southern dairying region in the World. No supplying farm is above 45⁰ Latitude.


The South45⁰Milk Programme provides the foundation to acknowledge what our farmers do well and to demonstrate leadership through continual improvement in all areas of milk production on farm.


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South45°Milk pillars

The Programme has been formed around five pillars designed to cover all aspects of milk production on farm. Each pillar is fundamental to the strength of the entire Programme. Farmers will be required to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of each pillar.


Leading practices

People management programme in place

Good practices in place

  • Health and safety program embedded

  • Staff training, development and management

Mandatory foundation requirements (full compliance)

Compliance with New Zealand labour and health and safety laws


Leading practices

Herd health and welfare assessment

Good practices in place

  • Animal health and welfare (monitoring and evaluation)

  • Farm bio-security

  • Animal utilisation

Mandatory foundation requirements (full compliance)

  • Compliance with animal welfare codes

  • Veterinarian medicine controls


Leading practices

Milk security and monitoring

Good practices in place

  • Achieving milk quality targets

  • Electronic recording of RMP requirements

  • Achieving dairy presentation standard

Mandatory foundation requirements (full compliance)

  • Compliance with Farms RMP

  • Dairy assessment and NZ regulations


Leading practices

Adoption of mitigating options

Good practices in place

  • Robust effluent disposal practices in place

  • Nutrient monitoring and management in place

  • Best practice for winter crop management

Mandatory foundation requirements (full compliance)

  • Meeting farm consent and permitted activity requirements

  • Meeting regional council effluent and waste disposal requirements


Leading practices

Farm environment plans in place by June 2020 and meeting emission reduction targets

Good practices in place

  • Recycling and waste minimisation

  • Planting plan in place for riparian planting waterways, shade and shelter for animals

  • Water use monitoring systems in place

Mandatory foundation requirements (full compliance)

  • Waterway protection

  • Electronic recording in place using MVM system ensuring robust systems and recording in place