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South45°Milk programme

Mataura Valley Milk’s vision is to Pioneer the future of Dairy for good. South45⁰Milk provides a framework to showcase provincial pride in producing top quality milk in the most Southern milk producing region in the world.


This will be achieved through a strong partnership between Farmer Suppliers, processing capability, quality, and sales teams to meet the needs of the customer.


The aim of the South45⁰Milk Programme is to ensure our supplying farmers are driving continual improvement, sustainability of their farming system and excellence in all aspects of their farming business.


This ensures our consumers can be confident our nutritional products are produced from world-class quality milk sourced from farms in the most Southern dairying region in the World.


South45⁰Milk is the foundation to acknowledge what our suppliers do well in, and to demonstrate leadership through continual improvement in all areas of milk production on farm.

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South45°Milk pillars

South45⁰Milk has five pillars, covering all aspects of on-farm milk production. Each pillar is fundamental to the strength of South45⁰Milk. Suppliers will be required to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of each pillar.


It is important our Suppliers invest in their people for a sustainable dairy industry to prosper. In this pillar we aim to ensure Suppliers meet regulatory requirements following appropriate process and to ensure staff have further been supported and engaged in training and development opportunities.


Animals are a key part of the dairy system, and both Suppliers and customers alike place high importance on their welfare and wellbeing. Animal welfare is an important component in farm sustainability, business viability, and our social license to operate.

On-farm animal health and care systems are critical to ensuring excellent animal welfare, milk quality and reputation. We place the utmost importance on ensuring our suppliers have strong systems in place to prevent discomfort and monitor and manage animal performance.


The quality and safety of the Milk our Suppliers produce is extremely important to our business, our customers and most importantly our consumers. Farms must have systems in place to ensure the Milk is produced safely and to the highest possible quality every day. In this pillar we aim to validate those processes that go beyond the regulation requirements.


How farmland and nutrient sources are managed is important to ensure that farming has a minimal impact on surface and ground water quality. Nutrient and soil loss are critical areas of concern for local communities and communities throughout our country.

In this pillar we aim to support our farmers with evolving requirements and expect our Suppliers are continually finding ways to optimise how they manage the land and nutrient input and outputs for the benefit of their farm, environment, and community.


It is important our Suppliers operate sustainable farming systems that manage their resources well and are sustainable financially as well as for the environment, people and animals.

It is important Suppliers engage beyond regulatory requirements to consider long term sustainable outcomes. What Suppliers need, and are required to do, will continue to change. MVM will support our Suppliers to lead the way in sustainable farming.