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Dairy Processing Graduates

Recently Danae Waipouri and Alannah Robinson completed their New Zealand Apprenticeship in Dairy Processing Level 3 and 4 Milk Powder. Steven Herriot and Aditya Duggaraju completed their Level 4 Certificate in Dairy Processing in addition to their Level 3 that was previously completed.

These qualifications provide employees with the knowledge of the key fundamentals in the dairy industry, together with increased technical skills of specific products and processes. It is a recognised qualification within the industry and has many benefits for both the student and the business.

These programmes are run by Primary ITO and in total requires up to 27 months of learning. The team have completed on job assessments of around 30 individual units, both at work and in their own time. It is a big undertaking, but at the same time rewarding for all to see the confidence and knowledge that develops as they move through the programme.

We look forward to celebrating other employees who gain this qualification in the future. Well done all!

Photo: From left, Vijai Lal, Danae Waipouri, Aditya Duggaraju, Dave Cooper